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With a focus on creating new live entertainment and artists (IP),
we develop a wide range of entertainment businesses, from planning, production and promotion of music software,
to discovery, development and management of IP, music publishing businesses and marketing solutions.



Entertainment Productionのアイコン

We organize and produce a wide range of entertainment such as music, dramas and exhibitions.



IP Productionのアイコン

Our entertainment professionals use Docomo’s marketing data to produce next-generation IP.

  • 野口 智の写真

    Noguchi Satoshi

  • 高見 直樹の写真

    Naoki Takami


Noguchi Satoshi


After joining TV Asahi Music, he has collaborated with and produced music for dramas, anime, special effects and movies, producing over 13,000 songs in total. He has produced music for over 300 dramas.
His representative works include “Ossan's Love the Movie ~LOVE or DEAD~”(19), “the Kamen Rider series Kabuto” (06) and “Geats” (22), and “the Super Sentai series Magiranger” (05) and “King Ohger” (23). His works also include many other anime such as “Doraemon” and “Crayon Shin-chan”, and dramas such as “the Doctor-X series”, “Aibou series”, “Ossan’s Love” (18), “Roppongi Class” (22), “unknown” (23), etc.
His live entertainment production “YURI!!! on CONCERT@Makuhari Messe” (17) attracted 20,000 people.
His representative work in anime was as chief producer of the anime “YURI!!! on ICE” (16), which won the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017 Anime of the Year (TV category Grand Prix), and the Anime Fan Award.
Currently, he is in charge of planning and producing live entertainment such as the chief producer of STARLIGHT TOKYO 2023 @ Ariake Arena (23), as well as launching other projects such as a record label business, music publishing business, and new talent development business.

野口 智の写真


Naoki Takami


He joined Warner Music Japan as a new graduate, working in media promotion as a staff member promoting Western and Japanese music. After that, he worked as an A&R in charge of nurturing and discovering artists and producing sound sources, and was also responsible for various tasks such as artist management and strategy for digital music distribution.
Since 2020, he has been in charge of venue business in NTT Docomo's Sports & Live Business Office, and has been involved in the construction and operation of Ariake, Kobe, and Aichi Arenas. Starting from 2023 at NTT Docomo, Inc. he is making a comeback in the entertainment industry as a studio and live entertainment producer.
He is currently in charge of live entertainment planning/production, video production, product sales, etc. at STARLIGHT TOKYO 2023 @ Ariake Arena (23). He is currently working on several other projects, including a record label business and discovering and developing new artists.

高見 直樹の写真

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