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NTT DOCOMO Studio & Live is a production group that creates entertainment that transcends imagination. We create world-class content together with various creators, artists and partners and deliver it to the world, from video production to sponsored performances and artist development.


We leverage the assets of NTT Docomo and the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group to produce entertainment that only we can create.


Enthusiasm is love

Music, comedy, idols, sports.
When you find something that you love so much that you can't stop, your tomorrow will change.
It's okay to be edgy. It's okay to be weird. It's okay if not everyone understands.
We are no longer alone.
Bring your various likes, and let’s create entertainment beyond your imagination with members from around the world.
Creators and fans, let's come together as one and share our likes with each other.
Only love, only enthusiasm, can make the world interesting.

Message from the President

Global expansion centered on IP, with the aim of creating sustainable value for users


The amount of energy that users pour into supporting their favourite band/group members continues to improve as the coronavirus pandemic encouraged people to change their behavior, and the entertainment industry is also evolving at an unprecedented rate.

This company was established in May 2023 against this backdrop. We have also begun to leverage the assets of NTT Docomo and the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group, and we are just getting started with the support of our partners.

For example, our provision and production of video content with a global mindset, our holding of STARLIGHT TOKYO 2023 (September 23/24), and our daily efforts to improve our ecosystem centered on creators and artists.

Our aim is to continue to provide output that users around the world value by fusing creativity, data utilization, and technical capabilities based on IP (Intellectual Property). Along the way, we would be delighted if we could grow and evolve together by investing our management resources in things that directly lead to value, with emphasis on dialogue and listening to everyone.

I would like to continue to expand our circle of friends while valuing our original purpose. We sincerely appreciate your guidance and support.

President Keisuke Yoshizawa

Company Outline

Company name
NTT DOCOMO Studio & Live, Inc.
Business start date
May 1, 2023
Floor 33, Sanno Park Tower, 2-11-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Board Members:
President & CEO: Keisuke Yoshizawa
Vice President: Katsuaki Yamaji
Director: Nobuko Mabuchi
Director: Kazutaka Shimura
Director: Wakako Sakurai
Director: Satoshi Kobayashi
Corporate Auditor: Hideki Nomura
Corporate Auditor: Kuniho Kobayashi
Corporate Auditor: Atsushi Mizoue
Investment ratio
NTT DOCOMO, Inc.: 66.64%
FANY Co., Ltd.: 33.36%
Main business
  • Planning, production, distribution, sales and contracting of various video products
  • Management of artists, etc., agent business
  • Planning, production and contracting of concerts, events, etc., and operation and contracting of performances, etc.

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